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Risk Actuary, Consultant Level          





Job Summary:

This position is an important member of  Company’s Risk Management team, providing technical and analytical support to the SVP of Risk Management and other senior managers.  The successful candidate will analyze, develop, and utilize computer models to monitor risks, as well as collect, produce and organize quantitative information necessary for decision making.  The ability to perform and communicate accurate and timely analyses in support of the Division is critical. 


1. Shared responsibility in the Client team (Marketing, Legal, Risk) for the completion of contract renegotiations, investment guideline updates and other requests with external clients assigned to this position.

2. Responsible for the identification of risk issues and the development of risk reduction mitigants for external clients relative to Synthetic Guaranteed Investment Contract (GIC) Watchlist reporting.

3. Utilize advanced actuarial concepts to develop procedures, conduct research, make recommendations to management and develop and implement resolution on problem issues, contract terms and other business issues as assigned. 

4. Provide other technical and analytical support as needed for pricing, reporting and management of the business.

5. Support calculations and analysis on assigned projects related to risk reducing strategies such as reinsurance, hedging, and capital efficiency strategies.

Job Related Qualifications:

1. Minimum 5-7 years experience in asset liability management, risk analysis or other related investment work.

2. Previous product pricing work and/or exposure to economic framework/valuation preferred.

3. Demonstrate a high level of technical expertise and an understanding of current trends in both actuarial science and investments.

4. Ability to influence and translate technical jargon into business terminology.

5. Ability to establish relationships and achieve objectives with other departments both within and outside of company’s Stable Value Solutions business unit.

6. Understand the business as a financial system --including key financial indicators and the implications of actions and decisions.

7. Work well in a hands-on environment where coordination and teamwork with legal, marketing and other business areas is a priority. 

Performance Skills:

1. Attention to Detail - Able to be alert in a high-risk environment; follow detailed procedures and ensure accuracy in documentation and data; carefully monitor processes; concentrate on routine work details, and organize and maintain a system of records.

2. Flexibility - Able to remain open-minded and change opinions on the basis of new information; perform a wide variety of tasks and change focus quickly as demands change; manage transitions effectively from task to task; adapt to varying customer needs.

3. Tolerance of Ambiguity -Able to withhold actions or speech in the absence of important information; deal with unresolved situations, frequent change, delays or unexpected events.

4. Innovation - Able to challenge conventional practices; adapt established methods for new uses; pursue ongoing system improvement; play with concepts and ideas to create novel solutions to problems; evaluate new technology as potential solutions to existing problems.

5. Commitment to Task - Able to start and persist with specific courses of action while exhibiting high motivation and a sense of urgency; willing to commit to long hours of work and make personal sacrifice in order to reach goals.

6. Communication - Able to clearly present information through the spoken or written word; read and interpret complex information; talk with customers or clients; listen well.


1. Bachelor's Degree in mathematics, actuarial science, finance, statistics, or a related field.

2. FSA desired, consideration will be given to exceptional candidates with equivalent work experience or other relevant professional designations. 

3. CFA desired.

4. Ability to travel as needed during the business transition.